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Hair has always been my passion. I remember as a little girl around 8 years old I envisioned a lot of the concepts that we see popular today. Therefore I obtained my hair license at the age of 19 years old. My mom used to tell me I was always creative. However, after obtaining my licence I realized that I was much more interested in great hair extensions , versus doing hair. I set out to obtain my Masters in Business Administration and my associates in Business Management. However, the passion never left. I remember telling some of my close friends in 2012, I was going to start a hair company. The timing wasn't right though. I never lost sight of my vision!!! While I waited to start my hair company, I worked in corporate america. However I began the process of finding great quality hair, that was consistantly good. 

Since 2012 I began to realize that many hair companies start with great hair but then change the quality once they have become successful. I didn't want that for my customers. That would explain why I would buy hair from may companies that was consistantly different from the reviews and hair you tube videos. I also set out on a journey to speak with different vendors from around the world. I really wanted to understand the hair game. I sample hair for around 5 years because I didn't have the perfect circumstances to start a hair company, but the dream was there and therefore I worked in harmony with that dream. 

Therefore I have worked hair to find a consistent set of vendors whose hair quality will not change. I can remember so much the disappointment of contacting vendors and they would ask me is this hair for a black girl or a white girl. It was so discouraging because I realized that they sell black african-american women hair that is not of the same quality as Caucasian women and women from other countries. This was so discouraging to me. Therefore I invested more into a product that can be used in both african-american woman hair as well as Caucasian. I believe all women deserve good quality hair, regardless of their race, or ethnic background. I stand my integrity and I promise to not switch my hair quality to maximize profits. The same hair you get when you first make a purchase, will be the same hair that you will buy 5 years from now. I promise you that!!! I won't sacrifice quality for profit. We understand the sacrifice you make to purchase high quality hair and we won't exploit that. I promise!!

I created 4 lines that I have found to be the most consistent quality. They are my Pure & Honest Collection which consistent of Russian and Eurasian hair, as well as hair from Uzbekistan. Also my European blonde collection which caters to Caucasian women, my Armenian hair line, my curly/wavy line, and my Cambodian line. I promise there is something to love about all of these lines. 

I hope you enjoy The Extension Gallerie's hair as much as we have. As we grow and expand, look for additional hair from more exotic regions. We have some great plans in the works!! Meantime, welcome to The Extension Gallerie where we will give you tures high quality luxurious hair. 

                                                                                                                                              ___ The Owner